What is a Product? Definition & Examples

1 min readAug 21, 2023

A product is something you can buy or use to fulfill a need or want. It can be tangible, like a toy or a car, or intangible, like a service, such as getting a haircut or using software. Products can even be a mix of both, like a smartphone that comes with a mobile app.

Think about everything you use or consume — from food to clothing, gadgets to games — they are all products. Even ideas, organizations, and experiences can be products. When a business makes something, it’s a product.

For instance, a sandwich at a deli, a computer program that helps you edit photos, or a streaming service for watching movies — they’re all products.

Examples of products include smartphones (like the iPhone), shoes (like Nike sneakers), fast food (like a burger from McDonald’s), and even the software you’re using right now to read this information.

So, whether it’s something you can touch, like a book, or something you can’t, like insurance, if it satisfies a need or want, it’s a product.

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